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Discover Alberta's Blue Ribbon Rivers
By Phil Rowley When I first learned to fly fish, as with other fly fishers, I dreamt of one day casting to rising trout while standing knee deep in one of North America’s blue ribbon trout streams. Rivers such as the...
Query Call for BC Outdoors 2018
 The summer season is just kicking off and it’s time to start thinking about our article line-ups for the 2018 issues of BC Outdoors Magazine. We also want to make sure that any of our potential writers are keeping feature...
New Opportunities For Kokanee
The boat slowly idled through the morning fog, heading across the lake. It was amazing how quiet it was, given in the next few hours it would seem like a water skiing and tubing carnival. There was no sound except...
Jordan River Restoration
The Jordan River is a small river by Vancouver Island standards. It is located half way between Sooke and Port Renfrew and can be found by taking the Colwood exit off Highway 1 to Highway 14 and following the scenic...
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Top Ten Urban Fisheries
In an effort to find the best urban fisheries our province has to offer, I’ve contacted tackle shop owners and avid anglers from the ten biggest urban centers of B.C. These are the best fishing spots in each one, with...
Pinch Hitter: One Fly, Multiple Species
I was fortunate to meet Rob Texmo earlier this year. Rob is a talented tyer with a love for traditional Atlantic salmon and spey patterns, adapting the tying techniques and disciplines these flies require with great success for Pacific salmon...
Tips/Tricks/Tech Talk
Fly Tying- Pliva Perdigon
From Phil Rowley's Fly Tying Column In recent years European nymphing techniques have become dominant across North America. Not only the method itself but also the unique patterns fly fishers tie and use such as Spanish style nymphs. Spanish...
Tips/Tricks/Tech Talk
Fly Tying- Fly Craft Fullback
From Phil Rowley's Fly-Tying Column I divide fly patterns into three basic categories, suggestive, imitative and attractor. Each pattern category has a set of conditions when I am most likely to use them. Imitative patterns work best when a match the...
Tips/Tricks/Tech Talk
Fly Tying- The Jelly FAB
The FAB is a clever blend of two popular stillwater attractors, the Booby and the Blob, two patterns that have been the subject of previous columns. Together, these three patterns form my current stillwater attractor pattern trinity. From the research...
Tips/Tricks/Tech Talk
More info on Caribou
In his March/April editorial, Mike Mitchell talks about what the BC government is doing to jump-start caribou poulations. For more info on caribou, check out the links below:
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Trail Camera Choices
This article appears in the current issue of BC Outdoors. Unfortunately the last two lines were cut off; here is the article in its entirety.
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Basic Map and Compass Navigation
Those who explored and mapped out our great nation had no GPS, only the maps they made and a compass to guide them. In today’s modern world basic map and compass navigation are being replaced by the convenience GPS, however...


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