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16th Annual Family Fishing Weekend
The 16th annual Family Fishing weekend is coming up June 19-21, 2015
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Best Places to Find Fishing and Hunting Info
Looking for information about fishing and hunting regulations, openings, closure, updates and more? Here are some handy links to keep you in the know as you head out into the great outdoors.
2015-2016 Limited Entry Hunting Regulations Synopsis
It's time to start thinking about the 2015/2016 hunting...
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Report Leatherback Turtle Sightings
Leatherback turtles are listed as endangered under Canada’s Species at Risk Act (SARA) and they have a critically endangered listing on a worldwide basis. They are found in all of the major oceans in the world, except in the most...
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Busting Recoil
Over the years I have come to the conclusion that for many of us recoil is very much akin to that skeleton we may have locked away in a closet that no one thinks about until it unexpectedly jumps out...
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Custom Rifle Build #3
    It was finally time in this project to start assembling the rifle once again. All the work up to this point was basically dis-assembly. With the correct thread pitch of the receiver checked multiple times, and the blank checked...
Tips/Tricks/Tech Talk
BC Outdoors Goes back to its Roots
BC Outdoors, with its history of change, is changing once again. This time back to its roots, back to what made this magazine the most read outdoor magazine in the west. With our new ownership, and the creation of Outdoor...
Stamp River Report - Spring Conditions
Water conditions improved with the rains this last week, it was coloured up pretty good in the lower but the upper remained fishable through out the rain. Many fish are spawning now, so there is a mix of fish...
Vancouver Island
Wildlife Allocations: Privatizing a Public Resource
British Columbia’s resident hunters are in the fight of their lives. December 2014 saw the BC government award guide-outfitters a share of wildlife that is unprecedented across North America, given resident hunter demand. While most jurisdictions give 5-10% of hunting...
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Tracking Wounded Game
What the devil happened, I wondered? Two good shoots, either one of which should have anchored the elk, yet it was gone! Let’s examine what a hunter should do to ensure similar situations end positively - regarding the art...
Fly-Tying: The Jig is Up
First published in BCO Sport Fishing, Jan/Feb 2015 Not everyone participates in or supports competitive fly-fishing. But no matter where you stand, gear, presentation techniques or flies; all have been influenced by competitions. Developments such as no-stretch lines, beadheads and Euro...
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Favourite Fish Appetizers
Mini Crispy Fish Bowls  24 wonton wrappers   Vegetable oil for brushing 1 cup flaked leftover cooked fish (any kind of red or white fleshed fish works great) 1/4 cup skinless, boneless minced smoked fish (salmon, trout, other) 3/4 cup softened cream cheese 2 tablespoons heavy...
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