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Wood vs Fibreglass
By Matt SiemensWell it’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year already; I leave next week for my first hunt of the 2016 fall season. I was successful in getting a draw for grizzly on the coast and...
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Salmon Steak with Chanterelles: A Fisherman's Fantasy Feast
By Linda GabrisBig water fishing and wild food foraging are two of my favourite sports and pairing up the fish of my dreams with a top woodland pick such as in this recipe produces a gourmet feast that money can't...
Gomphus: A Blend of Function and Form
by Phil Rowley From his Fly Tying Column  One of the best dragon nymph imitations is Jim Crawford’s Gomphus. Although technically not a Gomphus imitation, Gomphus or Gomphidae are most commonly found living in slow moving sections of rivers and streams, and...
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Query Call for BC Outdoors 2017
 The summer season is just kicking off and it’s time to start thinking about our article line-ups for the 2017 issues of BC Outdoors Magazine. We also want to make sure that any of our potential writers are keeping feature...
BC Blacktails: Hunt of a Lifetime on Haida Gwaii
     Every year it’s the same old routine – mule deer, whitetails, maybe even a moose or an elk. But why stop there? British Columbia has some amazing hunting opportunities that can not only fill your freezer, but make for...
Boat Inspections Now Mandatory
British Columbia is still free of invasive zebra and quagga mussels. Invasive freshwater mussels cause major environmental, economic and social impacts to B.C.’s freshwater ecosystems including our native salmon populations. Zebra and quagga mussels are primarily spread by watercraft transported...
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New Camillus Knife Giveaway!
Starting with our July/August issue, and running for three issues, we'll be giving away three awesome Camillus knives. Send in your fishing and hunting pics to our Outdoor Memories section and you'll have a chance to win. Email your pics...
The Green Back Pheasant
By Phil RowleyWhen it comes to incorporating natural materials such as pheasant tail or peacock, many tyers shy away, critical of these natural materials’ ability to survive the rigours of a busy day of fishing. Many tyers today, myself included,
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Bear Attack: Reaction Times
...I began to wonder what the reaction gap is for a typical rifle toting hunter attacked by a bear. Like a police officer confronted with an offender armed with an edged weapon, at what point is it necessary to shoot,
Solunar Tables for March to May
Unfortunately, the Solunar tables were missing from the March/April Issue of BC Outdoors....
Halibut Fishing Around Vancouver Island
In the last two decades halibut angling has really taken off in British Columbia. The popularity of these highly prized fish has been increasing on a yearly basis and in some areas of the coast halibut actually challenge chinook...
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Psychology of Dry Fly Fishing
By Danie Erasmus This article originally appeared in the July/August issue of BC Outdoors It is a common belief that wet flies and nymphs are the most successful choice to catch a lot of fish. This does make sense as fish...
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