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How & When to Fish Bait Holders & Tandem Hook Rigs
Background Bait holders have been part of the salmon trolling scene in BC for six decades. Since 1954 when the first herring strip...
Stillwater Fly Fishing App is Now Live
Have you ever wanted to spend a day on the water with Phil Rowley and Brian Chan? Here’s your chance to have them join you! Phil Rowley and Brian Chan, two of North America’s most respected Stillwater fly fishers, are...
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TNT: A Dynamite Solution
As summer transitions into fall, many anglers turn their attention to local rivers and the pursuit of Pacific salmon as they make their final spawning migration. Although fly fishers target all five species, for many, coho salmon are preferred. Todd Oishi...
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BC Outdoors exciting & informative departments include: Casting Off/Crosshairs Hooks and...
Frenched Venison Rack
Venison has to be one of the most versatile meats to prepare. There are many methods we can use including roasting, pan frying, barbeque, sautéing , stews, soups and creating many different stir fry options. Recently I have been using...
English Dries: The Bristol Hopper
English stillwater dry flies differ from most of their North American counterparts. Many North American dry flies tend to rest on the water rather than in it. Simple and impressionistic, English stillwater dries are designed to sit low on the...
18th Annual Hyde Creek Salmon Festival
Join the 5,000 plus visitors from around the Lower Mainland who come out to celebrate and witness the return of thousands of Salmon, back to their birthplace to lay and fertilize their eggs. This free family event provides the opportunity to...
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Fly-tying Mmm Candy
The Surf Candy is one of a number of proven baitfish patterns designed and developed by New Jersey fly fisher and author Bob Popovics. Bob has spent years along the eastern seaboard of the United States chasing striped bass, bluefish...
Francois Lake Rainbow with Wild Gooseberries
I have lots of secluded fishing holes scattered throughout the north but one of my top destinations for rainbow is so big, bountiful and easy to access that there's no need to worry about keeping it under wraps because the...
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Ticking the Boxes: The Humped Back Spawner
On my fly pattern checklist, John Kent’s Humped Back Spawner ticks all the necessary boxes for a deadly freshwater shrimp or scud pattern. The Humped Back Spawner boasts a convincing realistic appearance, instantly appealing to any fly fisher the moment...
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Query Call for BC Outdoors 2018
 The summer season is just kicking off and it’s time to start thinking about our article line-ups for the 2018 issues of BC Outdoors Magazine. We also want to make sure that any of our potential writers are keeping feature...


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