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Salmon Steak with Chantrelles
Big water fishing and wild food foraging are two of my favourite sports and pairing up the fish of my dreams with a top woodland pick such as in this recipe produces a gourmet feast that money can't buy! I like...
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Stamp River Report - Fall Salmon & Steelhead
The river is completely open except for a small salmon closure from the top of the hatchery lagoon to the power lines that are located 500 meters upstream from the top of the lagoon. Starting to see a lot of...
Vancouver Island
It Is What It Is!
From the May/June Backcast, by Dave Steele Every once in a while some one makes the comment, “It must be wonderful to focus on the humorous aspects of outdoor adventure.” In reality, recognizing the humour is easy, determining that which is...
Send Us Your Fishing Adventures and Win!
Every year BC Outdoors puts out a Fishing Adventures Magazine in January, covering the fishing opportunities and adventure potential in each region. This year we want to add some personal experiences from our readers. So dust off your best fishing...
Troubles on Gabriola Island
Gabriola Island is one of those places where people live a quiet life and the problems associated with big cities and big industries seem far away. However that has all changed as the Pacific Pilotage Authority has a proposal in...
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Hunters Beware: Loose Bullets Don’t Fly!
Loose bullets and airport security don’t mix. In the last 12 months, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) recorded almost 1,000 incidents involving loose bullets in passenger’s carry-on baggage or pockets. Every time screening officers see a bullet at...
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Hyde Creek Salmon Festival
Each fall from October to December, the coho and chum salmon make marathon journeys from the ocean back to Hyde Creek; back to their birthplace to lay and fertilize their eggs. It is the end of these spawning salmon’s lifespan. Celebrating...
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Okanagan Lake Fishery Signage Program
We are proud to announce that Phase One of our Okanagan Lake Fishery Signage Project was completed in March with the installation of fishery based signage at the five major boat launches in Kelowna, namely Sutherland Park, Water St, Queensway,
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BC Moose Population Research Project
Moose (Alces alces) are an important game animal in BC. They are found from the US border to the Yukon and absent only from the mainland coast and the coastal islands. In central BC the forested plateaus, studded with lakes...
Current Issue
Most anglers on the west coast have heard of PEETZ legendary fishing reels. Known for their unique mahogany and brass finish, the company recently turned 90. To celebrate, the company decided to step-up its commitment to salmon conservation through the...
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The Blessings of Living in BC
Living here in BC is a true blessing for sportsmen and women, very few places around the globe can compare to our natural beauty and diversity. It is truly a place of wonder, yet I never truly realized it until...
.22 LR Reloader
Every once in a while I will see some new product that I just have to have, or wish I had produced it. Back in the beginning of the year I came across that exact product. While walking through the...


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