New Column for BCO, “All About Fly Casting”

When to Use it and How to Get It

We are so pleased to bring you our new column by regular feature author, BCO blogger and cover image provider, Aaron Goodis. In every issue of BC Outdoors Sport Fishing magazine, Aaron will bring you new tips and instructions on how to become a better fly caster.

Fly Cast Column Jan/Feb 2014
Fly Cast Column Jan/Feb 2014

If you are a beginner, or even an advanced caster, I am sure you will find some helpful tips that will lead to better casting loops and improved techniques…I believe that we can take control of our casting and by altering the path the rod tip takes through the casting stroke we can change the shape of our casting loop to best fit our needs…(continued in the Jan/Feb issue of BCO)

The Pizza Wedge

The pizza wedge loop is perfectly suited for distance…(continued in the Jan/Feb issue of BCO)


The U-shape

The U-shaped loop, in comparison to the pizza wedge, is wider in diameter with a larger, less pointy, leading edge…(continued in the Jan/Feb issue of BCO)

The Wide Loop


The wide loop is typically the least desired and least effective of the fly-line loop shapes… (continued in the Jan/Feb issue of BCO)

By understanding the fly cast you will be able to choose which is the right loop for your current fishing situation and then easily create the best loop.