Fisherman’s Pita Pockets

A Great Shore Lunch That's Sure to Please

My family loves this refreshing shore lunch that’s ready to serve as soon as the boat lands on shore. What I like about it, aside from the taste, is the fact that little precious fishing time is lost while the cook rustles up enough grub to satisfy a ravenous gang eager to get back out on the water.


The prep work is done at home the night before so just load up the food box in the morning and you’re ready roll. I find that one of these tasty pitas makes a handy pocket lunch that’s ready to tackle whenever hunger strikes, on the shore or on a hike to a secret lake.

Smoked trout or salmon are equally delicious and I’ve used home-canned salmon from fish that was smoked before canning that was great too. Really, these pitas are an opportunity to use up leftover cooked fish or seafood of any sort.


I even like to make the pitas from scratch; they are fun and easy to make but you can use ready-made, store-bought pitas if you prefer. I must say though homemade really does reel in bigger raves!

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