Garlic Prawn And Guacamole Appetizer

By Raeanne O’Meara

Spot prawn season is here and I, for one, could not be happier. They are a bit sweet and full of flavour, the perfect addition to any meal. You could make these as an appetizer, or they are just as good for a light lunch. Guacamole and prawns; how could you go wrong?




Fresh BC spot prawns, de-veined and shell on

Salted butter


Garlic cloves, minced (adjust the amount of cloves to your personal preference – in my mind, the more garlic the better!)

Half a lemon


Rye crisps (or cracker of your choice)


Fresh cracked pepper

How To Make Garlic Prawn And Guacamole Appetizers

In a pan on the stovetop, over medium heat, melt the butter. Once it starts to bubble, add in the garlic and prawns. Fry the prawns for approximately three minutes, then flip to the other side and cook for another three minutes. Place the cooked prawns on a plate and squeeze the juice of half a lemon onto them. Allow to cool for several minutes before shelling.


To plate the appetizers, spoon guacamole onto the rye crisps, place a prawn on top and finish with fresh cracked pepper.


Tip: To de-vein the prawns, use a sharp knife (or a pair of small, sharp scissors) to cut into the back of the prawn. Gently pull on the dark vein to remove it.