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Burbot Casserole
From the Cooking Rough column by Linda Gabris   The name burbot (scientifically known as Lota lota) comes from the Latin word barba, meaning beard which sums up the funny looking barbel, or "ugly mug whisker" as dad used to jokingly call it,
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Stamp River Report - Fall Salmon & Steelhead
The river is completely open except for a small salmon closure from the top of the hatchery lagoon to the power lines that are located 500 meters upstream from the top of the lagoon. Starting to see a lot of...
Vancouver Island
Salmon Steak with Chantrelles
Big water fishing and wild food foraging are two of my favourite sports and pairing up the fish of my dreams with a top woodland pick such as in this recipe produces a gourmet feast that money can't buy! I like...
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It Is What It Is!
From the May/June Backcast, by Dave Steele Every once in a while some one makes the comment, “It must be wonderful to focus on the humorous aspects of outdoor adventure.” In reality, recognizing the humour is easy, determining that which is...
Troubles on Gabriola Island
Gabriola Island is one of those places where people live a quiet life and the problems associated with big cities and big industries seem far away. However that has all changed as the Pacific Pilotage Authority has a proposal in...
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Hyde Creek Salmon Festival
Each fall from October to December, the coho and chum salmon make marathon journeys from the ocean back to Hyde Creek; back to their birthplace to lay and fertilize their eggs. It is the end of these spawning salmon’s lifespan. Celebrating...
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Okanagan Lake Fishery Signage Program
We are proud to announce that Phase One of our Okanagan Lake Fishery Signage Project was completed in March with the installation of fishery based signage at the five major boat launches in Kelowna, namely Sutherland Park, Water St, Queensway,
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Most anglers on the west coast have heard of PEETZ legendary fishing reels. Known for their unique mahogany and brass finish, the company recently turned 90. To celebrate, the company decided to step-up its commitment to salmon conservation through the...
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Fly Fishing in the Summer Heat
By Tom Johannesen I’ll be the first to acknowledge the fact that we have lots to do over the summer months and finding time to go fishing is, many times, not a top priority. If a little time can be freed...
Herring Strip; The Forgotten Bait
Between the 1950s and the late 1970s herring strip was the principle natural bait used by BC salmon anglers who preferred to troll rather than cut plug or mooch with herring. Trollers also used herring from four to seven inches...
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Fly Tying: Biot Bodies
By Phil Rowley From the July/August issue of BC Outdoors  Biots are the tough, interlocking barbs found along the leading edge of a bird’s primary flight feather. The Prince Nymph’s signature white biot wings make it arguably the most famous pattern to...
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River Navigation
Many anglers have purchased pontoon boats or similar crafts to access unfished waters on increasingly crowded rivers. Anglers that have drifted down rivers in pontoons have experienced one of the most peaceful ways of travel, with unobstructed views of the...
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Fly Tying- Blind Eye Charlie
   When trout are fixated on chironomids, trying to replicate or match the emerging pupa through pattern choice and presentation technique is the standard course of action. But what happens when this “match the hatch” mantra isn’t working? Many fly...
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16th Annual Family Fishing Weekend
The 16th annual Family Fishing weekend is coming up June 19-21, 2015
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Fly Tying: The Double Bunny
From Spring 2015 BC Outdoors Magazine     Scott Sanchez’s Double Bunny is a simple, creative amalgamation of two rabbit strips cemented along a hook. Since its initial inception, Scott’s Double Bunny has caught well over 30 species, has spawned countless variations...
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BCWF Responds to Report on Fishery Crisis
SURREY, BC - The BC Wildlife Federation is encouraged by the recent release of a report by the Province of BC and the Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations detailing the findings of the expert panel examining the...
Ucluelet Early Season Fishing Report
Early season spring fishing produces some quality Chinook Salmon in the 10-25 pound range. So far the best Salmon fishing has been close to Ucluelet so not a big run to the fishing grounds. Fishing the outside edge of Barkley...
Vancouver Island
Report Leatherback Turtle Sightings
Leatherback turtles are listed as endangered under Canada’s Species at Risk Act (SARA) and they have a critically endangered listing on a worldwide basis. They are found in all of the major oceans in the world, except in the most...
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Fly-Tying: The Jig is Up
First published in BCO Sport Fishing, Jan/Feb 2015 Not everyone participates in or supports competitive fly-fishing. But no matter where you stand, gear, presentation techniques or flies; all have been influenced by competitions. Developments such as no-stretch lines, beadheads and Euro...
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Favourite Fish Appetizers
Mini Crispy Fish Bowls  24 wonton wrappers   Vegetable oil for brushing 1 cup flaked leftover cooked fish (any kind of red or white fleshed fish works great) 1/4 cup skinless, boneless minced smoked fish (salmon, trout, other) 3/4 cup softened cream cheese 2 tablespoons heavy...
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