WCVI Fishing Report July 15, 2013

by Westview Marina


The Chinook (kings) have shown up big time.


Limits (2 per day) are a regular occurrence for most fishers.

Add to that Tyees (over 30lb Chinook) are an everyday thing. Just last week we had 11 Tyee in one day on our cleaning tables.


Hot Spots on the Esperanza side are Ferrer Pt., Pin Rocks, The Pinnacles, The Highway, Halftide reef, Look Out Is., the Lighthouse, & Wash Rock In Nootka Sound Coopte Pt., Camel Rock, Boston Pt. & Salter Pt. are all doing well.


The projected largest run on the West Coast of Vancouver Island in years is a reality.


We’ve never seen so many acrobatic strong fighting Coho.

Limits of these tasty fish are 4 per day -8 possession per license holder.

Inside Esperanza & Nootka You can retain both hatchery marked & wild coho. Check out the regulation for the specific area you plan to fish. These fish are now 6-12 pounds and growing daily as they feed on the massive schools of needlefish which are everywhere. These fish are gaining at least a half a pound weekly. By mid-August we will see lots of 20lb coho on the dock. Bait of Choice- Coho Killer lures ( any color ), Needlefish hoochies (white & glow) & anchovies. Our tackle shop has all the right stuff in the right colors to make you look good at the scales & cleaning tables.


The new regulations are working extremely well. Daily limits of 20-60lb fish are coming in regularly. Spreader bars & extra-large herring are working best.

The season will be open well past the end of September.

Lots of Halibut are being caught while trolling for salmon deep at Ferrer Pt. & Look Out Is.