Hard Core Brands has come up with a way to upgrade your goose decoys without having to buy new ones. The new Skin Goose Decoy is a photo-realistic, high-tech fabric that can be put on your old, weathered or beaten up decoys to give them a fresh new look.

Skin Goose Decoy
Skin Goose Decoy

The Skin Goose Decoy has an actual picture of a Canadian goose and is captured using a 360° rotating lens that offers three-dimensional skins. These skins are made without paint so there is they won’t flake or shine in the sun. Each Skin Goose Decoy is removable and washable, allowing users to place a fresh skin over an assortment of old decoys. The skins are available in several lifelike postures and come with flocked heads.  Available in packages of six, each skin has a motion stand allowing for movement and stability.

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