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Rio Skagit MOW Tips

As seen in BC Outdoors magazine New Products Jan/Feb 2013

RIO Skagit MOW Tips
RIO Skagit MOW Tips

RIO has just launched a new series of sink tips for the Skagit and Spey angler called iMOW’s. The new iMOW tips are based on Rio’s successful MOW tips but are now built to have a better depth transition between the floating head and the fast sinking tip. The tips are built with an intermediate back section that helps create an even presentation of the fast sinking tip and allow for perfect depth control and the utmost in strike detection. The new tips come in two sizes–heavy and medium. Within each size there are four different sink tip length and density options: 10-foot clear-camo intermediate, 7.5-foot intermediate with 2.5-foot sink tip, 5-foot intermediate with 5-foot sink tip and 2.5-foot intermediate with 7.5-foot sink tip. Check out your local shop for further information on this product.

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