RECREATIONAL – Salmon – Chinook – Region 6 – Nass River – Closure – July 15, 2020

Effective immediately until further notice, recreational fishing for Chinook salmon will be closed in the Nass River watershed.


Escapements of Chinook Salmon to date have fallen short of pre-season expectations, with only 7,505 Chinook salmon past the fish wheels, compared with a mean escapement of 17,100 Chinook past by July 13.

Variation Oder #: 2020-RCT-373, 2020-RFQ-374


Please refer to the online BC Sport Fishing Guide, Freshwater Region 6, for a complete list of the recreational salmon regulations for all lakes and rivers of Region 6.



Possession limits are two times the daily limits.

The term “marked” means a hatchery fish that has a healed scar in place of the adipose fin.

Sport anglers are encouraged to participate in the Salmon Sport Head Recovery program by labelling and submitting heads from adipose fin-clipped Chinook and Coho salmon. Recovery of coded-wire tags provides critical information for coast-wide stock assessment.  Contact the Salmon Sport Head Recovery Program toll free at (866) 483-9994 for further information.

Tidal Water Sport Fishing Licences can be purchased via any computer connected to the internet at or by using Google search key words “Recfish Licence”.