Query Call for BC Outdoors 2018

We're looking for writers! Do you have what it takes to get published?

The summer season is just kicking off and it’s time to start thinking about our article line-ups for the 2018 issues of BC Outdoors Magazine. We also want to make sure that any of our potential writers are keeping feature ideas on the brain as they set off for their summer fishing and fall hunting adventures. So do you think you’ve got what it takes to write for our magazine? If so, please send in your queries in for a chance to become a BCO contributor.


We publish six issues every year that feature stories and information about BC’s best outdoor experiences.

We’re always looking for shorter (around 500 words) pieces for our Hooks and Bullets ( formerly Weighing In and Industry News) section. These should be about what’s going on in the industry, analysis of new regulations, good news stories and other news items, accompanied by photo support. These can be submitted at any time during the year, and if you’re interested in writing them regularly, contact me to get the issue deadlines so that you can get your pieces into the pertinent issue(s).


We are looking for feature pieces (around 2200 words), as well as shorter stories (800-1500 words) focusing on tips and technical advice, in-depth analysis of a facet of the industry, or your personal experiences on a fishing or hunting trip. These can be humorous, or enlightening, or educational.

Regardless of the subject matter, we’re on the hunt for some exceptional new content. We expect unbiased, well-researched, accurate and articulate articles free from errors from all of our contributors. We also require photo support in the form of at least 8-10 high-resolution photos with each. We want stories that captivate and engage our readers and reflect the true wonder of our incredible province and its resources. So compel us to try a new skill, provoke us with controversial subjects, and ignite our passion about the great outdoors.



We don’t want you to send in completed manuscripts; what we want are well developed QUERIES – essentially article proposals. Please send along any relevant examples of your previous work, along with a short outline of the article you would like to write for BC Outdoors. Your summary can be in paragraph or bullet-point form. This should be sent in a word document, and should also include a description of the images you intend to send with your completed piece, and a brief introduction to yourself and your experience. Please send your queries in by August 15, 2017. Any queries sent in after the deadline will still be considered, but those sent in prior to the deadline will be given first consideration.

Please email your submissions to Camille at  bcoedit@outdoorgroupmedia.com. If you have any questions, feel free to call me at 604-820-3400.

Have a great summer, and we look forward to reading your work!