Pan-Fried Grouse

By Raeanne O'Meara



As much fun as it is to experiment in the kitchen, some of the best ways to highlight the unique flavours and textures of wild game is to keep it simple. Pan-fried grouse is an autumn staple in our household and is a meal that is easy to master. Want a cool way to introduce your kids to the field-to-plate experience? Take them out for a grouse hunt and have fresh grouse for dinner.




De-boned grouse (one grouse per person)




Salt and pepper


How To Make Pan Fried Grouse

To prepare the grouse for frying, debone the breast meat from the carcass. You can save the legs from the grouse and fry them in this manner as well. Season with salt and pepper.


Heat butter in a cast iron pan over medium heat. Once butter is melted, dredge the pieced-out grouse in flour and place into the pan. Cook until the grouse is brown and crispy, then flip. They should take around two to three minutes per side to cook.


Serve hot.


Tip: Some people find that grouse, particularly spruce grouse, have a bit of a strong flavour to them. To combat this, soak the plucked breast in salted water or in a bowl of milk in the refrigerator.