Pacific Salmon Foundation Unveils New Stamp

The winning artist for the 2020/2021 PSF Salmon Conservation Stamp Competition is Joshua Hansen. Below is some information from Hansen regarding his life and his creation:

“I come from a Norwegian family who pioneered on the coast out of Port Neville and a long line of commercial salmon fishermen. I taught myself to draw at a young age, then taught myself to paint in my late teens, but I gave it up a few years later. Having been inspired by wildlife I’ve come across in my adventures, I’ve recently taken it back up. I’ve been determined to use my work for wildlife conservation, to give back to the wildlife I’m passionate about and the salmon that are a very large part of my life and family history. I’m an outdoorsman, passionate about fly fishing, mountain backpack hunting, living slowly and living from the land with my wife, Brooke, and son, Oly.”

Meet your new Salmon Stamp! We would like to congratulate Joshua Hansen for his entry titled, “Untouchable” – the winner of this year’s 2020/2021 Salmon Conservation Stamp Competition. This image will adorn next year’s stamp required to retain salmon caught in west coast tidal waters. All proceeds from sales of the stamp are returned to PSF for salmon projects in BC and the Yukon. We want to thank everyone for participating this year. There were 20 entries – one of our highest numbers of submissions to date – of some very high-quality artwork!


Untouchable by Joshua Hansen
Untouchable by Joshua Hansen