Matching the Right Line for the Job

Each system and fishing situation demands a different fly line and a different approach for casting. By matching the right line for the job one can greatly improve the casting aspect of things. The first basic thing to do is get a line heavy enough to properly load the rod, usually matching the line weight number to the rod weight number is sufficient but, in some cases, it may be beneficial to up load or over weight the line by one or two weights.


Typically for overhead casting with a single-handed rod a standard weight-forward line matched, one for one, in either floating or sinking will cast nicely and comfortably.

On the two-hander with the big streamer try an extra-short Skagit shooting head attached to slick running line for great results.


Keep in mind this is just a single concept and a basic standard to use as a starting point to help aid in learning to fly-cast.

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