Life At The Lake

Living on lake time

By Raeanne O’Meara

Camping out for the weekend on the shore of a lake is something everyone has to experience within their lifetime. I know I took it for granted, growing up on Francois Lake, but the mornings you wake up looking at the water and think, “It’s a good day for fishing,” and you can be dragging a lure through the water within 15 minutes of that thought are few and far between when you don’t have the luxury of living lakeside.


The larger lakes in northern BC, while known for their quality fishing, can be tough to fish when the weather is not in your favour. Blustery wind is notoriously difficult to fish, particularly in a little 12-foot boat; spring conditions often demand that you fish when the window of opportunity presents itself, even for just an hour or so.



This spring has been exactly that situation – we would head out to the lake with no intention of fishing, only to be greeted with glassy waters; had we planned to take the boat out, the breeze would have made it impossible. Instead of planning, we are taking the opportunities as they come.


On this particular evening, we jumped at the opportunity to get out while the going was good. Dragging around an FST for lakers and a little wedding band for rainbows, we came home with a couple nice little rainbow trout to bake up for dinner, stuffed with lemon, dill and onions. The perfect end to an evening of taking advantage of life on lake time.