Kingfisher 2825 Offshore KF Weekender

Kingfisher 2825 Offshore KF Weekender
Kingfisher 2825 Offshore KF Weekender

Boat Specs

Length: 28’6”
Beam: 114”
Bottom Width: 90”
Transom Height: 25”
Max Horsepower: 450
Base Price: $125,985

Kingfisher boats are built in Vernon, BC, in what they describe as the newest, most-advanced aluminum boat building facility in North America. Their boats are built in jigs with all the components pre-stressed so that when the finished hull leaves the floor it has been built to exactly the specifications the engineers originally intended it to be. This translates to boats that are safe, reliable and backed with a lifetime warranty.

The Offshore series is built, as the name suggests, for the fisherman who isn’t afraid to get out in the big water every now and then. Whether you are heading up the inside passage or out in open water, the Offshore will get you to where the fish are and bring you back again safely.


Standard features are too numerous to list but include an enclosed head with flush toilet and privacy curtains, a stainless-steel sink with faucet, a 20-gallon freshwater tank and a 20-gallon holding tank. Also featured are solid wood cabinets with two cupboards and two counter tops. Two electric bilge pumps keep the hull dry and all the wiring is water sealed and colour coded. The heavy-duty, weatherproof, cabin door will keep the water out but in case you leave it open, there is a stainless-steel drain in the floor.

The Offshore comes with two fish lockers to keep your catch fresh and everywhere you look are stainless steel and heavily coated fixtures to ensure that the saltwater does not get the upper hand in the corrosion war.


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