Getting Geared Up For A Day On The Ice

We really couldn’t ask for better ice fishing weather in northern BC. We had a few very cold weeks at the end of December and beginning of January that froze up the lakes nicely, and now we have some very mild weather in the forecast – which means it’s time to get out on the lake!


Now I am, admittedly, a fair-weather ice fisherwoman. I don’t enjoy sitting out on the lake when it is freezing cold, with the wind blowing at my back all day long. But I also don’t particularly enjoy spending all day stuck inside of an ice fishing tent. Go figure. I like to sit out on the ice while the sun shines, jigging away in hopes of tying into a nice laker, all while enjoying the beautiful scenery and company around me.

When we head out on the lake, we like to have everything we need packed as compactly as possible. We have a nice little calf sled that we can throw the ice auger, our rods and the rest of our gear in. Because I am the one that sometimes gets a little bored while out fishing, I tend to have my own personal “survival kit” for when I’m out fishing – here’s what’s in it!


The Essentials

I like keeping my fishing license, map book, fishing regulations and a couple pens and permanent markers in an easily accessible spot. Some lures, extra line, my favourite knife, scale and measuring tape are also all ready to grab at a moment’s notice. We always have a small first aid kit with us no matter what adventure we are on, because accidents do happen.

Ice fishing. Credit: Raeanne O’Meara.
Credit: Raeanne O’Meara.

The Keep-Hanger-At-Bay Essentials

In order to keep hangry Raeanne at bay, I always tuck away a variety of snacks, even if we are just going out for shorter day on the lake. Jerky, smoked fish, apples and of course some water and a few cold ones helps the time pass by when the fishing is slow.


The Tech Essentials

Although I generally try to leave my phone alone while out ice fishing, I do enjoy playing around with my cameras and drone. It is really nice to have them all tucked together in one dry spot, along with some extra batteries and spare memory cards.