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Who would have thought that I would be stumped trying to write about my two most involved and time consuming activities? I mean, lets face it, I live and breath fly-fishing and nature photography. If I’m not talking about it or actually out there taking part then I must be trying to do the business side of things, you know, the boring stuff like bookkeeping and collecting payments and generally cleaning up.

Via Aaron Goodis
Via Aaron Goodis

When I suffer from writers block a typical thing for me to do is to just start writing and usually thoughts start to flow. For now my mind drifts back to fly-fishing and, in particular, fly-casting. The many elements of fly-casting have always intrigued me, where the simple mechanics and personal style blend to create effortless casts towards the depths of rivers and lakes in hopes of connecting with a large trout, steelhead or salmon. For the upcoming blog posts I have decided to focus on the fly cast, I plan to dissect the basic mechanics and hopefully provide some helpful tips that will improve your fly cast too! Stay tuned, first off will be “Fly Casting – Single Hand Rods Versus Double Hand Rods.

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