Breakfast On The Boat

A hearty meal to start off your fishing adventure

By Raeanne O’Meara

Arguably some of the best mornings are had out on the water. The way we’ve prepared breakfast out on the boat has evolved over the years – it began with simple foods like muffins, fruit (although no bananas) and yogurt cups; that slowly changed over the years to using the camp stove on calm days and making hashbrowns and eggs while coffee percolated.



The camp stove has its downfalls though. It was only useable if the weather was right, as no one wanted to be stuck out at the back of the boat during a rainstorm, holding an umbrella over the stove as we waited for breakfast to be done. A bit of wind made it unsafe to have everything balanced on the back. So, while Mother Nature co-operated, we could whip up a feast. Otherwise, it was back to the old faithful, brown-sack-style breakfasts.


Learning the ropes of breakfast on the sea-b-que became a game changer for our mornings. While we still avoid being out in the pouring rain while cooking, having premade meals that we could just reheat on a barbeque specifically designed for marine use changed how we eat on the boat. Barbeque cooking also requires less pots, pans and utensils – who wants to be stuck doing dishes on a fishing trip?



One of my favourite breakfasts we have out on the boat are breakfast sandwiches. Easy to make before a trip and stored in the freezer until ready, these toast up perfectly on the barbeque.


Before you head out on your trip, make up a batch of breakfast sandwiches. The process is simply a matter of assembling the sandwich. Cook bacon to the desired level of crispiness. Whisk eggs and a splash of milk together and bake in a buttered casserole dish at 325 degrees Fahrenheit for around 15 to 18 minutes (just past the jiggle point). Let the eggs cool and slice to fit an English muffin. Put the sandwich together by buttering both halves of the English muffin, then layering egg, bacon and sliced cheese. Wrap the sandwiches in tin foil, putting a small square of butter on both sides of the sandwich before sealing tightly (the butter will help toast the English muffin while on the barbeque). Freeze until ready to use and then heat up on the barbeque until warm all the way through.