35 Outdoorsy Activities For The Holidays

Rolling into December, we are faced with the holidays looking much different in 2020 than in previous years. Couple that with the cold, snow and increasingly darker days, sometimes it can be hard to figure out what to do with your time, much less find the motivation to do so. Here is a list of 35 activities to do this winter that will either get you outdoors or inspire you to do so!


  1. Go out Christmas tree hunting.

    Credit: Raeanne O’Meara.
    Credit: Raeanne O’Meara.
  2. Strap on snowshoes and create trails around your own backyard.
  3. Get your shovels out and create an ice-skating rink on a pond.
  4. Enjoy the crisp, cool, fresh air and go for a moonlit walk after dinner.
  5. Go for a backroad drive and see how many animals you can spot.
  6. Collect branches from conifer trees to create your own wreaths or swags.
  7. Go cross country skiing.

    Credit: Raeanne O’Meara.
    Credit: Raeanne O’Meara.
  8. Catch up on the latest episodes of your favourite outdoors shows.
  9. Try fat biking! A fat bike is equipped with oversized tires, making it possible (and super fun!) to bike on snow.
  10. Make a batch of hot apple cider and enjoy it around a campfire.
  11. On the topic of campfires, practice your fire making skills (without a lighter).
  12. Take the Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Education Program, which is a requirement in BC to hunt. Most of the course can be completed online!
  13. Build a snowman.
  14. Celebrate winter solstice (and the subsequent return of more daylight) with a big bonfire.
  15. Hang up a birdfeeder and keep a birdwatching journal.
  16. Pick up a book on conservation and life in the outdoors, curl up next to the fire, and read.
  17. Try your luck at ice fishing.
    Credit: Raeanne O’Meara.
    Credit: Raeanne O’Meara.

    Credit: Raeanne O’Meara.
    Credit: Raeanne O’Meara.
  18. Go beachcombing.
  19. If you live on the coast, maybe winter chinook fishing is in the books for you.
  20. Build a log cabin-themed gingerbread house.
  21. Go target shooting.
  22. Get outside and do a bit of winter foraging.
  23. Give your firearms a good post-hunting season clean.
  24. Try your hand at fly tying.
  25. Learn a new survival skill.
  26. Go tobogganing.
  27. Make smores and have a wiener roast over the campfire.

    Credit: Raeanne O’Meara.
    Credit: Raeanne O’Meara.
  28. Head out for a snowmobile ride.
  29. Go downhill skiing or snowboarding.

    Credit: Raeanne O’Meara.
    Credit: Raeanne O’Meara.
  30. If you’re brave, try your hand at winter camping – or just have a campout in your living room!
  31. Decorate gingerbread cookies. Bonus points for creating some hunting and fishing-themed cookies.
  32. Make snow angels after a big snowfall.
  33. Have a family game night.
  34. Print out photos from this year’s hunting and fishing season.
  35. Get out the map book and plan some adventures for 2021.