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Trail Camera Choices
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Frenched Venison Rack
Venison has to be one of the most versatile meats to prepare. There are many methods we can use including roasting, pan frying, barbeque, sautéing , stews, soups and creating many different stir fry options. Recently I have been using...
More info on Caribou
In his March/April editorial, Mike Mitchell talks about what the BC government is doing to jump-start caribou poulations. For more info on caribou, check out the links below:
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Wood vs Fibreglass
Well it’s hard to believe that it’s that time of year already; I leave next week for my first hunt of the 2016 fall season. I was successful in getting a draw for grizzly on the coast and I want...
Ask the Experts
BC Blacktails: Hunt of a Lifetime on Haida Gwaii
     Every year it’s the same old routine – mule deer, whitetails, maybe even a moose or an elk. But why stop there? British Columbia has some amazing hunting opportunities that can not only fill your freezer, but make for...
Bear Attack: Reaction Times
...I began to wonder what the reaction gap is for a typical rifle toting hunter attacked by a bear. Like a police officer confronted with an offender armed with an edged weapon, at what point is it necessary to shoot,
Game Changer
I was lucky enough to tour the Hornady plant last week in Grand Island, Nebraska. I was able to see some of their new products for 2016. They have come up with some very interesting products. With the current trend/craze of...
Tips/Tricks/Tech Talk
Hunters Beware: Loose Bullets Don’t Fly!
Loose bullets and airport security don’t mix. In the last 12 months, the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA) recorded almost 1,000 incidents involving loose bullets in passenger’s carry-on baggage or pockets. Every time screening officers see a bullet at...
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BC Moose Population Research Project
Moose (Alces alces) are an important game animal in BC. They are found from the US border to the Yukon and absent only from the mainland coast and the coastal islands. In central BC the forested plateaus, studded with lakes...
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The Blessings of Living in BC
Living here in BC is a true blessing for sportsmen and women, very few places around the globe can compare to our natural beauty and diversity. It is truly a place of wonder, yet I never truly realized it until...
.22 LR Reloader
Every once in a while I will see some new product that I just have to have, or wish I had produced it. Back in the beginning of the year I came across that exact product. While walking through the...
450 Ackley Project- Final Chapter
With the rifle finished and spring bear season in full swing, it seemed sensible to bring the rifle into the field and see if I could connect on a bear with it. First I would need to spend some time...
Ask the Experts
2015-2016 Limited Entry Hunting Regulations Synopsis
It's time to start thinking about the 2015/2016 hunting...
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Busting Recoil
Over the years I have come to the conclusion that for many of us recoil is very much akin to that skeleton we may have locked away in a closet that no one thinks about until it unexpectedly jumps out...
Tips/Tricks/Tech Talk
Custom Rifle Build #3
It was finally time in this project to start assembling the rifle once again. All the work up to this point was basically dis-assembly. With the correct thread pitch of the receiver checked multiple times, and the blank checked for...
Tips/Tricks/Tech Talk
Wildlife Allocations: Privatizing a Public Resource
British Columbia’s resident hunters are in the fight of their lives. December 2014 saw the BC government award guide-outfitters a share of wildlife that is unprecedented across North America, given resident hunter demand. While most jurisdictions give 5-10% of hunting...
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Tracking Wounded Game
What the devil happened, I wondered? Two good shoots, either one of which should have anchored the elk, yet it was gone! Let’s examine what a hunter should do to ensure similar situations end positively - regarding the art...
Pressure Cooking Ground Venison
Nothing beats cracking open a jar of delicious canned venison to make a fast and easy campfire meal. My pick of canned meat for use in camp is what I call "ground browned venison" because it is well-suited for so...
Custom Rifle Build #2
With all the needed components on hand to get this rifle project started, it was just a matter of aligning a few schedules and getting it into the machine shop to get this build going...
Tips/Tricks/Tech Talk
Sweeping changes to B.C.’s Wildlife Allocations
Sweeping changes to B.C.’s Wildlife Allocation Policy proposed by the Guide-Outfitters Association of B.C. would dramatically reduce residents’ access to wild game and increase the number of permits sold to foreign big game trophy hunters, according to the B.C. Wildlife...
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BCO Hunting and Shooting Fall Issue Out Now!
Look for the Fall issue of BC Outdoors Hunting and Shooting, now at a newsstand near you. With great stories on moose hunting, preparing your harvest for freezing, tips on waterfowl hunting, minimizing recoil and much, much more. With a...
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