Traditions have taken their award winning Vortek Ultralight Muzzleloader as the base for a new long-range smokepole that can extend a shooter’s effective range by 100 to 150 yards. The barrel is the main difference for the Long Distance Rifle (LDR), stretching 30-inches in length. It will provide you with a longer, more complete powder burn giving you better consistency, increased velocity and downrange accuracy.

Vortex Ultralight LDR
Vortex Ultralight LDR

The barrel is made of Chromoly, known for its strength and machined accuracy, and is treated with CeraKote to protect it from corrosion. In order to keep the weight down at the muzzle, the barrel is tapered and fluted. With an LT-1 alloy frame, the Vortek Ultralight LDR is only 6.8 pounds. The LDR features a drop-out trigger, an Accelerator Breech Plug which removes in three turns by hand and a heavy-duty O-ring which helps eliminate blow back.

The Vortek Ultralight LDR is offered in many different configurations from $489 to $689.


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