The Blessings of Living in BC

Made in BC

Living here in BC is a true blessing for sportsmen and women, very few places around the globe can compare to our natural beauty and diversity. It is truly a place of wonder, yet I never truly realized it until I moved back from living in various places around the globe. Along with the natural beauty and resources we have some homegrown talent here in the province that are unfortunately hidden out view and the public knowledge.

Nestled in a small unnamed building south of Salmon Arm is a small boutique bullet manufacturer, producing bullets that will rival any other manufacturer on the globe. Accurate Bullet Company was started several years back by two serious shooters who were having trouble finding quality match grade components for their .408 Chey-Tac and their big .50s. They started turning bullets on a CNC machine and soon learned that there is a little more in designing a quality projectile than meets the eye. Through some serious r&d sessions, along with untold pounds of burnt powder and spent primers, they have perfected their bullets based on caliber and weight. Their dedication and uncompromising quality control has led them to be true top-shelf producers. The mainstay of the product line is machine-turned solids ranging from .338 up to 20mm.

Now if you shoot one of the big boys and are truly serious about getting the most out of your rifle at extended ranges, you owe it to yourself to try these bullets. I have shot these through my dangerous game rifle and was confident enough for them to be in my rifle on a recent trip for dangerous game overseas. However you need to be realistic; quality comes with a price, these are not the cheapest bullets out there, but they are one of the best. If you are the type of shooter who just likes throwing lead down range and were satisfied with the old military pull down surplus bullets, well then these might not be for you, but if you are serious about squeezing every fraction of inch out of your groups and are shooting targets in the next postal code…


They also do produce some lead core swaged product but they are still working on designs on that side. There is also the possibility of true custom made bullets as well, whether it is for your new modern target rifle or some old safari rifle which bore size now makes it obsolete, they may be able to assist you in getting some bullets that are not available anywhere else. Bear in mind that there would be minimum production runs required and machine set up costs, but if you can’t get it anywhere else.

Via Matt Seimens
Via Matt Seimens