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Spey Long Line (Modern West Coast) with Aaron Goodis
Spey Long Line (Modern West Coast) with Aaron Goodis

Allow me to re-introduce myself, as you know my name is Aaron Goodis. For those of you who do not know me yet, I thought I would share a little background info about myself. Basically I want to get all the shameless self-promotion stuff out of the way. First off, I am very passionate about nature, I grew up and am still currently living in Vancouver so basically I grew up on the rugged South Coast. I was introduced to the environment at a very young age and this prompted a life long mesmorization with our wild environment. I love to fish, particularly fly-fish, and I love to take pictures. I am developing a career out of educating others like me in both fly-fishing and nature photography. I hope that by helping others learn they too can enjoy these activities as much as I do. I also believe that enjoyment of working and playing outside steers a person on to being more careful and protective about our environment. When it comes to fly-fishing and fly-casting I hold both a Federation Of Fly Fishers Casting Instructor Certification and a Adapted Fly Casting Institute Certificate. By earning these certificates I feel I have learned a ton and I have grown alot as a fly-fisher. Currently, I teach many fly-casting workshops and private lessons in the hope of helping others learn and have fun with the sport.

A number of years ago AGP ( was born. As I merged my interest with photography together with my love of fly-fishing I found a new light, so to speak. By showcasingthe sport I love, through photographs, I hope to not only promote fly-fishing but also the mindset of conservation and the importance of low impact. A major stepping stone and career highlight for me was working at the 2010 Winter Olympics held in Vancouver. I was a photo supervisor at the curling venue which put me in the front line working alongside seasoned pros. Not only did I learn amazing tricks of the trade but I also learned that curling fans are among the loudest and rowdiest and would be sure to give any hardened sports fan a run for their money!

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