Beach Flies for Pinks

Now that we have discussed some locations to search out these silver prizes, lets look at flies. Pinks are typically fairly easy to catch. First, they usually roam in packs and second, they seem to eagerly attack any small buggy looking fly…on one condition.


The fly must be pink!
A well stocked pink fly box.

Right now the local beach fishing is really getting going and the Squamish won’t be far behind. Below are a few tried, true and tested beach flies designed with pink salmon in mind. Be ready though, these patterns have been known to fool other species such as coho salmon and cutthroat trout.


If you tie your own flies or are considering giving it a go try these patterns:

Pink MoeJoe

Hook: TMC 9394  #10 – 6
Tail: Pearl mylar tubing
Under Body: Pink floss
Over Body: Pearl Mylar Tubing
Wing: Pearl Mylar Tubing  + 4 strands Pink Crystal Flash
Thread: UTC 70 Pink


Pink Dummy

Hook: Mustad S71SZ-34007 #8 – 6
Tail: Craft fur
Body: Lazar wrap
Collar: Medium Crystal Hackle
Eyes:  Dumbbell  Eyes or Bead Chain Eyes #S
Thread: UTC 70 Pink

AGP (Variation)

Hook: Mustad S71SZ – 34007 #8 – 6
Tail: Pink Hackle Fibers
Body: Pink Floss or Diamond Braid
Collar: Pink Saddle Hackle
Flash: Pearl Crystal Flash
Wing: Pink Craft Fur
Thread: UTC 70 Pink

Justin Sander, a local commercial fly-tier based in Vancouver, tied these three patterns. They have been proven time and again on our local beaches during the pink salmon return.

To see more of Justin’s custom flies check out his website at

Now, hit the vice and spin some fur and feather!