Every once in a while I will see some new product that I just have to have, or wish I had produced it. Back in the beginning of the year I came across that exact product. While walking through the CSAAA show in Calgary I stumbled across a .22 LR reloading kit! Now I am sure many of you are thinking what I thought at first: “Yeah right!” But I am here to tell you it exists!


.22 LR Reloading Kit
Via Matt Seimens

I just had to have one, and a few months later I received mine in the mail. The drive back from the mailbox seemed to take forever. Once home I ripped open the package and admired my new piece of kit. Having  just moved, I could locate my lead furnaces in the myriad of boxes in the garage. With the lead furnace uncovered I set out to cast some bullets for this project. The kit comes with a bullet mould which also has the crimping feature in it (which will be used later in the project). Casthading the little projectiles is fairly straight forward, having cast for larger firearms I was shocked how little lead these bullets actually take. The mold is made from one solid piece of aluminum, handles and all. So it doesn’t take long for the handles to get hot, very hot. A good set of leather gloves is a necessity when casting these, but what would a casting session be without at least one minor burn! One important thing I do need to mention, is the dangers of molten lead and the fumes, make sure to wear the correct protective clothing and have adequate ventilation.

One other hurdle I have to overcome yet is I had no fired .22 LR brass, who keeps it? Every range session since I have been keeping brass and sorting it in groups from which firearm it came from. A task which is a little more frustrating than I first imagined, especially when the Ruger 10/22 is used.


Everyone I show the kit to has been amazed and just has to have it, so I didn’t want anyone to lose the immediate opportunity to get one of these unique kit or lose out on this unique gift idea.

For the hunter/shooter that has everything, or thinks they do this little kit should be well received.


I am hoping to get my first loads finished in the near future and look forward to sharing my results here on a later date.

These kits should be available at your local dealer and if they are not stocking it, perhaps they could special order it for you.