2014 Predictions for the Greatest Sockeye Run in Fraser River History

Early estimates of up to 72 million sockeye are expected to return to the Fraser River.

Mark Hume of the Globe and Mail writes in his article titled “Anticipated salmon run could overwhelm Fraser River this summer, experts say” that the experts, such as Mr. Les Jantz, DFO’s acting director for the B.C. Interior, site prime ocean conditions over the past three years as the most significant factor in this expected run.

While they say it’s too early to be certain, current estimates vary from a low of 7.3 million all the way up to 72.5 million returning sockeye.


DFO’s chief of stock assessment, Wilf Luedke, feels confident that there will also be strong runs of other salmon species, such as Chinook and coho to other rivers in the province. He also notes that nothing is for sure until “the hooks and nets hit the water.” But, by all accounts, things are looking great for 2014 for sockeye in the Fraser!

For the full article by Mark Hume in the Globe and Mail, click here.