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Reading Downrigger Cable Angles
Jason Tonelli explains why trolling speed is not always accurate. Learn his technique of how to use the downrigger cable angle to find the sweet spot for salmon fishing.
Using your depth sounder effectively
Depth sounders are more than just tools to find the bottom. They're an important resource for a successful day on the water. Here's a "Learning with the Pros" tip from Lowrance's Steve Rae on how to use the settings and...
Handling Salmon Safely
When you have to release a salmon, it's important to release it carefully so it can get bigger and potentially spawn or be caught and enjoyed by another angler. Brian Riddell of the Pacific Salmon Foundation discusses the best practices...
Ice Fishing Safety
Ice fishing can be a fun winter activity but safety precautions are necessary so your fun doesn't turn into a nightmare. Brian Chan offers some tips on staying safe which are important to brush up on before you head out...
Maintaining your outboard motor
It's important to know how to maintain your outboard. Who better to explain the best practices than Yamaha's own Jeff Barter on this Learning with the Pros tip from BC Outdoors Sport Fishing.
How to find feeding fish
Knowing the tendancies of where fish in a lake feed will increase your success on the water. Biologist and fishing guru, Brian Chan gives some tips on how to find feeding fish in this Learning with the Pros tips.
Anchoring Safely for Bottom Fishing
A lot can happen on the open ocean especially with a monster halibut on the line. David Murphy shares his veteran safety tips on anchoring when bottom fishing.
Benefits of a sounder rate compass
Your depth sounder is an important tool when fishing and with the addition of a rate compass, you're sure to succeed. Lowrance's Steve Rae gives you tips on how to get the most of this feature.
Casting a long leader
Casting long leaders can be really challenging. In this Learning with the Pros tip, Brian Chan offers some tips on how to handle casting leaders that are more than 9' in length.
Fishing Etiquette 101
When you're surrounded by other boats fishing the same area, it's important to understand some etiquette to give everyone the same chance at the honey hole. Mike gives Pfortmueller gives some tips on how to do that on this Learning...
All about Kokanee
Mike Ramsey from Fisheries and Wildlife talks about the biology of Kokanee in this learning with the pros tip.
Jet Boating 101
Kevin Estrada is a veteran jet boater who knows the treacherous Fraser River Canyon like the back of his hand. Here are his tips on reading the water to ensure your safety on the river.
Replacing steel downrigger cable with braid
David Murphy talks about the benefits of replacing a steel downrigger cable with braid and shows how this process is done.
Understanding regulations
Brian Chan discusses the importance of understanding the fishing regulations before you head out on the water. He discusses Shuswap Lake in particular in this Learning with the Pros tip.
Preparing salmon roe bags
Fresh salmon roe bags are a great bait for sturgeon at various times throughout the year. In this Learning with the Pros segment, Dean Werk shows us how to prepare your own. Watch and learn a special trick he's learned...
Preparing hooks & leaders for the season
It can be exciting to get out for the first trip of the season, but not so fast! Follow this tips to prepare your hooks and leaders and it could mean more fish in the cooler at the end of...
Targeting halibut
If you're thinking about going out fishing for halibut, you need to watch this for some tips on how to find them. From our Learning with the Pros segment, this tip comes to you from Mike Pfortmueller of Shearwater Marine.
Handling Sturgeon Safely
Great White Sturgeon are modern dinosaurs but in order to conserve them, it's necessary to understand how to handle sturgeon safely. This Learning with the Pros tip comes from Dean Werk of Great River Fishing Adventures.
Getting the most out of your Coyote Spoons
Of course you can fish your coyote spoon right out of the package successfully, but here are a few tips and techniques you can use to increase your success. This Learning with the Pros Tip comes from Sam Sansalone who...
Microleeches 101
Like any fly, it's important to know when to use them. Brian Chan of the Freshwater Fisheries Society of BC explains all you need to know about Micro Leeches in this "Learning with the Pros" tip from BC Outdoors Sport...
Gear prep at the beginning of the season
Before you're ready for your first outing of the fishing season, you have to go over the gear that has collected dust in the off season. Here's a checklist of what you want to do to get ready for the...
Tying a Bimini twist leader
Tying a leader with this technique gives you more stretch and shock absorption which was great for this day spey casting for Chinook. This "Learning with the Pros" tip comes from Todd Scharf of Upstream Adventures. Enjoy!
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